What’s Next?

The version 2.0.0 | Sounds interesting and a little bit better. Not a little bit but this version changes it all. This new version of Adair, has Tab Control or say Tab Support or Tabs straight away. That means you can open any number of websites you want in the browser. We know that you are a multi-tasker. You love to do different things at the same time. As for time, time is short too.

The second thing we are putting inside it is Inbuilt Download Manager. We know that Internet Explorer lacks at their download speed. You can’t download Internet Download Manager, use it for 30 days and uninstall it, or get a crack for it that keeps you away from updating, or as we can say that you don’t wan’t to waste 25 dollars on it, plus install it after every re-installation to your PC. That’s why Inbuilt Download Manager or say Adair File Manager (AFM) comes to you. With acceleration that focuses on your hardware, extracts the hidden potential and uses it just to make your stuff downloading smoothly as well as away from it getting corrupted.


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