Adair 6.5 User Interface Update.

Okay, so something is coming up soon guys. Not directly.. We mean not suddenly but as smooth as the update goes. 6.1 has been released in the Dev Center. Now 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, and then finally 6.5. 6.5 will not be the ending of course.  But we made this gorgeous teaser image for our customers.

Download the Wallpaper

The image seems funny though with the line “Haters Gonna Hate, Potatoes Gonna Potate”. Haha.

and the other part of this news is that Adair’s Android version that will be called as Café will be releasing in a 2 – 3 months? That’s the most accurate date our Developers can tell. So keep visiting adair. Press Ctrl + D to add a bookmark of  this blog. Do subsribe to our E-Mail notifications there on the sidebar. Let us know what you think, is it good or bad in the comment section below.


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