The Power of 7.

What really got us thinking in the development of Adair was that we could not change the homepage and had to create a new tab manually that was really very irritating. We started to fix it out but what we got was failure. We tried, and tried.. and then atlast,… Presenting Adair 7. With all the bugs that were reported || FIXED ||. No need to add a tab manually. It  just got automatic and also with this you get the capability of changing your homepage. Be it Google, Facebook, Twitter, your kids favorite tv channel homepage or your business pages of which you want to get updates at the first start of your browser and also a new “Bug Reporting Utility”. “Bug Reporting” utility has changed to “Report an issue”.

Also a sorry to the users waiting desperately for the CLOUD, as the server are under maintenance and may take a long time. Also we are proud to announce our partnership with FLUX. Flux, is a new kind of Next Gen Operating System. It is not Linux-Based .. nor Windows.., just not based on any thing. It is fast, fluid, smooth, compatible. fluxOS | and just relax… 

We are currently working on…

  1. Better Designs on the Tab.
  2. Theme Support.
  3. Faster HTML 5 and CSS 3 rendering.
  4. Better Flash.
  5. Faster Secure Websites.
  6. Anti-Phishing and Infected Websites Warning.
  7. Error page display when any Internet Connection is not working or … any thing seems incorrect.

Now coming back to Adair, here are some of the snaps of Adair 7 that will is now available for download.


2 thoughts on “The Power of 7.

    1. Aditya Dubey Post author

      Adair 7.1 Seems to be working, amazingly. The UI has been changed completely to Windows 8 UI. It has live tiles and many more. History works great. Looks really amazing. We are releasing it on the nightly channel in a few days.


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