So there has been a lot of inactivity on this page. Here are the reasons why this inactivity is happening. We have been working on a lot of exciting new things for new platforms. Platforms like Android and iOS. We are working on spreading our reach to people who primarily use their cellphone. Today, every other person we see has a smartphone. Then why not create apps for the smartphone world?

We are porting Adair Corporation from ‘Exclusively for Windows’ to developing applications for Windows, iOS & Android.

Some applications like Vault, Lucid are already in progress. Along with that there is a really huge project – Flux Operating System going on.

We just wanted to let you know that a lot of things are going around under the hood and they are soon going to be open to you to use them. We are developing them for YOU. It’s going to be there. In your pockets, on your laptops. Thank You for the support this far and we hope this continues. There is inactivity on the blogs, on the social media – It’s a bad thing, acknowledged. But the inactivity is going to be killed soon. With a headshot. We’re taking the aim.



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