About the company

Adair Corporation is a company that has it’s focus on developing brilliant applications. Applications that power our daily needs. Something that aren’t just applications – But a part of our work, our life. Also the aspect is delivering them with user interface that make you feel just “WOW”


2 thoughts on “About the company

  1. Curtis Clockwork Heath

    I’m very excited for your OS release! would very much like to see it become very popular!

    I’m a programmer specializing in Java and a tad in C++, and am taking classes to learn HTML5 and HTTP coding. If you ever run into a spot where you just need an extra set of hands, I would be more than happy to volunteer my time to help forward the production of your products and your OS!

    other than that, love your browser, love the interface design, and love the simplicity!

    Keep up the amazing work and never loose faith, because there is always a group of people out there who want to lend a hand if they can!

    (soon to be) Flux OS user


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