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Flux means smooth continuous movement.. really fluid. That’s how our OS is actually is going to be like! Super smooth, easy to use and an amazing user experience.

We are working on making the OS better everyday, but this is going to take time.

The best thing is that the OS is going to be absolutely free of cost.

Stay tuned for more news regarding Flux!


Native 7.2 Experimental Pre-Alpha Build. Now available at the Dev Center.

Adair 7.2 Experimental Pre-Alpha is now Available to download in the Dev Center for download. It is using the Open Source Chromium Engine and scores a fabulous 433 in HTML5. It is the experimental build, and lacks too many features. What is done is only embedding the engine into the browser – so calm down gentlemen.

…and it’s under heavy development. The test shows it’s being run using Chrome Nightly as the useragent has not been yet written and also of the engine it uses.